Foxxy'z Creationz are expressions of my imagination.  


Some will be brand new creations; some recycled; and some complete reworkings that may have little semblance to the original piece.  What they have in common they once only existed in my mind.  


While focused on jewelry currently, my creations cover almost all the needle arts, gardening design, and various other projects.  As I add items they'll come onto the site.


I use energetically significant gems: stone, shell, and glass; wood and metal to create jewelry that not only will accent your outfits, but simultaneously enhance your energetic self.  Every necklace, earrings, bracelet, lapel pin, tie tack/bar and cufflinks has been crafted with these concepts in mind.


Plus, I hope, they're 'pretty.'


Expecting a rough day at work? Let jasper give you strength and stability or Mother of pearl to let the drek roll off like water from a duck's back. Expecting a confrontation?  How about turquoise, howelite or hemetite to deal with the negativity. Know its gonna be a long, tiring day?  Wear quartz to give you extra oomph or yellows to keep you perky.  Need to stand your ground or fight for that promotion?  Wear red to boost your energy and self confidence.


Next Levelers

Have you wondered what to do with your hearts?  I can put your discovery and breakthrough hearts onto your existing or a new charm bracelet or necklace which allows you to carry that energy with you!


If you have a concept you would like brought to fruition, run it by me.   We can find the components, locally or online.  Take a look at the pendants which have arrived, or are on order, but as yet unmade.