The Pagan Reference Library was the result of recurrent questions asked in Pagan chat rooms, and at the time, a dearth of reliable books.

Hermotimus and I went back and pulled 'old masters', texts from those authors working during the Celtic Revival. While these authors did  not abide by the current filtering - Not conflating your beliefs on those you're studying - the underlying information is accurate and reliable generally, It is generally their conclusions that tend to be tainted by their societal biases.

We started intending to do 20 Celtic books, but kept tripping over  interesting information that applied, not just to the Celtic path but most of the European traditions.

It is our hope  that when you can afford a new book, you will consider these ones instead.


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This collection contains 121 full length books and 30 articles and excerpts from various books. This CD contains 7,908,569 words and 1879 illustrations. All the text is in ANSI Windows Text and all the illustrations are in BMP format.


The many books and articles on the CD have been categorized by Hermootimus as follows:


  • Reference

    • Zoological Mythology (Animals & Animals2) By Angelo De Gubernatis

    • The Encyclopaedia of the Occult (Enc-of-Occult) by Lewis Spence

    • Flowers and Flower Lore (Flower Lore) by Hilderic Friend

    • Magic in Names and Other Things (MagicinNames) by Edward Clodd

    • The Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology (Non-Classic Myth) by Marian Edwards and Lewis Spence

    • Star Lore for all Ages (Star Lore) and Sun Lore for all Ages (Sun Lore) by William Olcott

    • The History of the Use of Incense in Divine Worship (History of Incense) by Cuthbert Atchley

    • Magic and Fetishism (Magic&Fetishism) by Alfred Haddon

    • Pantheism: Its Story and Significance (Pantheism) by Allanson Picton

    • The Golden Bough (The Golden Bough) by Sir James Frazier

  • Knowledge

    • Jewish Mysticism (Jewish Mysticism) by J. Abelson

    • Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning (Pagan&Xtain) by Edward Carpenter

    • Animism: the Seed of Religion (Animism)

    • The Astral World: Its Scenes, Dwellers and Phenomena (Astral World) by Swami Panchadasi

    • Cakes and Loaves (Cakes&Loaves) by J. A. MacCulloch

    • The History of Supernaturalism, Volume 1 (Supernatural1) by William Howitt

    • The Divining Rod: A History of Water Witching (Divining Rod) by Arthur Ellis

    • The Fundamental Principles of Yi-King, Tao and the Cabbalas of Egypt (Principles) by Zeolia J. Boyle

  • Skills

    • Astrology

      • The Stars of Destiny: the Ancient Science of Astrology, and How to Make use of it Today (Astrology) by Katherine Craig

      • A Student’s Textbook of Astrology (Astro-Textbook) by Vivian Robson (Editor of Modern Astrology Magazine at the time of writing)

      • Astrology: How to Make and Read Your Horoscope (Sephariel-Astrology) by Sephariel

    • Tarot

      • The Pictorial Key to the Tarot (Key to Tarot) by Arthur Waite

      • The Book of Thoth (Book of Thoth) by Aleister Crowley

      • An Introduction to the Study of Tarot (Case Tarot) by Paul Foster Case

      • The Symbolism of the Tarot (Symbolism Tarot) by P. D. Ouspensky

    • Numerology

      • The Kabala of Numbers (Sephariel-Numbers) by Sephariel

      • Numbers: Their Occult Powers and Mystic Virtues (Numbers) by William Wynn Westcott (one of the Founders of the Golden Dawn)

      • Numbers and Letters: or the 32 Paths of Wisdom (Numbers & Letters) by Margaret Peeke

    • Runes

      • The Alphabet “Runes and Oghams” (Runes) by Isaac Taylor

      • The Danes of Lancaster and Yorkshire (Runes2) by S. W. Partington

    • Other

      • The Fabric of Dreams: Dream Lore and Dream Interpretation (Fabric of Dreams) by Katherine Taylor Craig

      • Practical Palmistry (Palmistry) by Comte St. Germain

      • Clairvoyance and Occult Powers (Clairvoyance) by Swami Panchadasi

      • The Human Aura, Astral Colors and Thought Forms (Human Aura) by Swami Panchadasi

      • Practical Mind Reading (Mind-Reading) by William Atkinson

      • Practical Psychometry and Crystal Gazing (Psychomancy) by William Atkinson

      • The Will: Its Nature, Power and Development (The Will) by William Atkinson

  • Witchcraft

    • The Witch Cult in Western Europe (WitchCult) by Margaret Murray

    • Superstitions of the Scottish Highlands (Superstitions) by John Campbell

    • Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Highlands of Scotland (Witchcraft&2ndSight) by John Campbell

    • Aradia: or the Gospel of the Witches (Aradia) by Charles Leland

    • Etruscan-Roman Remains (Etruscan-Roman) by Charles Leland

    • Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling (GypsySorcery) by Charles Leland

    • The Witches’ Pharmacopoeia (Pharmacopoeia) by Robert Fletcher

  • Talismans

    • Anglo-Saxon Charms (Anglo-Saxon Charms) by Felix Grendon

    • The Power of Gems and Charms (Gems and Charms) by George Bratley

    • A History of Amulets, Charms and Talismans (History-Amulets) by Michael Rodkinson

    • The Magic of Jewels and Charms (Jewels and Charms) by George Kunz

    • The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems (Talismans) by William and Kate Pavitt

  • Yoga

    • The Science of Breath (Science of Breath) by Yogi Ramacharaka

    • 14 Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism (Yoga1) by Yogi Ramacharaka

    • Yogi Philosophy Volume 2 - Advanced Course (Yoga2) by Yogi Ramacharaka

  • Symbolism

    • A Glossary of Important Symbols in Their Hebrew, Pagan, and Christian Forms (Important Symbols) by Adelaide Hall

    • Ancient Pagan and Modern Christian Symbolism (Pagan Symbols) by Thomas Inman

    • Symbolism of the East and West (Symbolism) by Helen Murray-Aynsley

  • Psychical Research

    • Psychical Research (PsychicalResearch) by Sir William F. Barrett

    • Studies in Psychical Research (PsychicalStudies) by Frank Podmore

    • Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death (SurvivalofPersonality) by Frederick Myers

    • The Unseen Universe or Physical Speculations (Unseen Universe) by Stewart Balfour

    • Modern Spiritism: Its Science and Religion (Spiritism) by A. T. Schofield

    • Spiritualism and Psychical Research (Spiritualism) by Arthur Hill

  • Mysticism

    • Studies in Mystical Religion (Mystical Religion) by Rufus F. Jones

    • Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness (Mysticism) by Evelyn Underhill

    • The Hymns of Hermes (HymnsHerms) by G. R. S Mead

    • An Introduction to the Study of the Kabala (IntroToKabala) by William Wynn Westcott

    • Personal Religion in Egypt before Christianity (Personal Religion) by W. M. Flinders Petrie

  • Babylonian

    • Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria (Bablyonia&Assyria) by Lewis Spence

    • Babylonian Religion and Mythology (Babylonia) by William King

    • The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria (BabylonianRel) by Theophilus Pinches

    • The Ancient Religion of Palestine in the Second Millennium B.C. (Palestine) by Stanley Cook

  • Celtic

    • The Religion of the Ancient Celts (RelofAncCelts) by John A. MacCulloch

    • The Mythology of All Races Volume Three - Celtic (Celtic Myth) by John A. MacCulloch

    • Celtic Britain (CelticBritain) by John Rhys (Professor of Celtic on the University of Oxford)

    • Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times (Celtic Religion) by Edward Anwyl (Oxford Professor of Welsh and Comparative Philology at the University College of Wales)

    • The Mythology of Ancient Britain and Ireland (CeltMythology) by Charles Squire

    • CHILDREN - Celtic (Celtic Children) by Edward Anwyl

    • DISEASE AND MEDICINE - Celtic (Celtic Medicine) by Thomas Barns

    • CALENDAR - Celtic (Celtic Calendar) by John A. MacCulloch

    • DEMONS AND SPIRITS - Celtic (Celtic Spirits) by Edward Anwyl

    • CELTS (Celts) by John A. MacCulloch

  • Egyptian

    • The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 1 (EgyptianGodsVol1) and The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 2 (EgyptianGodsVol2) by E. A. Wallis Budge

    • Egyptian Magic (Egyptian Magic) by E. A. Wallis Budge

    • Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt (Egyptian Myth) by Lewis Spence

    • The Religion of Ancient Egypt (Egyptian Rel) by W. M. Flinders Petrie

    • DISEASE AND MEDICINE - Egyptian (Egyptian Medicine) by George Foucault

    • CHILDREN - Egyptian (Egypt Children) by George Foucart

    • CALENDAR - Egyptian (EgyptCalendar) by George Foucart

    • CHARMS AND AMULETS - Egyptian (EgyptCharms) by Ed Naville

    • DIVINATION - Egyptian (EgyptDivination) by George Foucart

  • Greek

    • A Handbook of Greek Religion (GreekHandbook) by Arthur Fairbanks

    • The Religion of Ancient Greece (Greek Religion) by Jane Harrison

    • The Ascent of Olympus (Ascent of Olympus) by Rendel Harris

    • Religion and Art in Ancient Greece (Ancient Greece) by Ernest Gardner

    • CHARMS AND AMULETS - GREEK (Greek Charms) by L. Deubner

    • HEALTH AND GODS OF HEALING - Greek (Greek Healing) by E. Thramer

    • DIVINATION - Greek (Greek Divination) by H. J. Rose

  • Buddhiusm

    • Gotama Buddha: A Biography (Buddha-Bio) by Kenneth Saunders

    • Selections from Buddha (Words Buddha) by Max Muller

    • The Path of Light (PathofLight) by L. D. Barnett

  • Mithra

    • Mithraism (Mithraism) by W. J. Phythian-Adams

    • The Mysteries of Mithra (MithraMysteries) by Franz Cumont

    • A Mithriac Ritual (Mithraic Ritual) by G. R. S. Mead

    • Zoroastrian Ethics (Zoroastrian) by Maganlal Buch

  • Chinese

    • The Original Religion of China (Ancient China) by John RossConfucianism and Taouism (Confucianism) by Robert Douglas

    • Lao Tzu’s Tao and Wu Wei (LaotzusTao) by Dwight Goddard and Henri Borel

    • Religion in China (ReligionChina) by J. J. M. De Groot

  • Native American

    • Flint and Feather (Flint and Feather) by E. Pauline Johnson

    • The Agriculture of the Hidasta Indians (Hidasta Farming) by Gilbert Wilson

    • The Uses of Plants by Indians in the Missouri River Valley (Uses of Plants) by Melvin Gilmore

    • Indian Child Life (Indian Child Life); Indian Boyhood (Indian Boyhood); Old Indian Days (Old Indian Days); and The Soul of the Indian (Soul of Indian) are all written by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa)

    • American Indian Stories (Indian Stories) by Zitkala-Sa (Red-Bird)

    • Indian Why Stories (Indian Why Stories) and Old Man Stories (Old Man Stories) by Frank Linderman

    • Who was the Medicine Man (Medicine Man) by Francis LaFlesche

    • Sinopah: the Indian Boy (Sinopah) by James Schultz

  • Norse

    • The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia (Scandinavia) by W. A. Craigie

    • A Handbook of Norse Mythology (HandbookNorse) by Karl Mortensen

    • Norse Mythology (Norse Myth) by Rasmus Anderson

    • Myths of Northern Lands (Northern Lands) by H. A. Guerber

    • The Religion of the Teutons (Religion of Teutons) by Chantapie De Saussaye

    • CALENDAR - Teutonic (Teutonic Calendar) by H. Munro Chadwick

    • DISEASE AND MEDICINE - Teutonic (Teutonic Medicine) by K, Sudhoff

    • DEMONS AND SPIRITS - Teutonic (Teutonic Spirits) by E. Mogk

    • DIVINATION - Teutonic (Teutonic Divination) by C. J. Gaskell

  • Roman Religion

    • The Religious Experience of the Roman People (Roman-Rel-Exp) by W. Warde Fowler (Fellow and Late Sub-Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford)

    • The Religion of Ancient Rome (Ancient Rome) by Cyril Bailey

    • The Religion of Numa and Other Essays on the Religion of Ancient Rome (ReligionofNuma) by Jesse Carter

    • Lectures on the History of the Roman Religion from Numa to Augustus (Roman Lectures) by William Halliday (Rathbone Professor of Ancient History in the University of Liverpool)

    • The Worship of the Roman People Viewed in relation to the Roman Temperament (Roman Worship) by Frank Granger

    • The Ritual Significance of Yellow among the Romans (RomanYellow) by Francis Marion Dana

    • The Significance of Certain Colors in Roman Ritual (Roman Colors) by Emma Armstrong

    • DIVINATION - Roman (Roman Divination) by G. Wissowa

    • CHARMS AND AMULETS - Roman (RomanCharms) by R. Wunsch

    • DEMONS AND SPIRITS - Roman (RomanSpirits) by J. S. Reid

  • South American

    • The Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru (Mexico&Peru1) by Lewis Spence

    • The Native Religions of Mexico and Peru (Mexico&Peru2) by Albert Reville

    • The Popol Vuh (Popol Vuh) by Lewis Spence

    • Nagualism: A Study of Native American Folklore (Nagualism) by Daniel Brinton

    • CHARMS AND AMULETS - Mayan (Mayan Charms) by Lewis Spence

  • Slavic

    • Slavic Mythology (Slavic Myth) by Jan Michael

    • CHARMS AND AMULETS - Slavic (Slavic Charms) by O Schrader

    • DIVINATION - Slavic (Slavic Divination) by O. Schrader

    • CALENDAR - Slavic (SlavicCalendar) by Louis H. Gray

    • DEMONS AND SPIRITS - Slavic (SlavicDemon&Spirits) by V. J. Masikka


Compiled and Edited by Hermotimus

Artwork Design & Illustration by Arthur Durkee

(C) 2005 AP Durkey/Black Dragon Productions, Hermotimus Press.

Artwork All Rights Reserved.

The CD can be ordered by going to the Shopping Cart page for the CD.

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