At birth, he had a dark spot near one ear; his matching sister a smudge .Spot never 'out-grew his birthname.but  the spot5 vanished. There must be main Coon in his liniage as he has tufted ears, feathered paws and angora-soft, dense coat which he keeps very neat.

He's neutered, an excellent furry heating pad, even if you didn't realise the spot was sore until he laid on or against it.

Spot loves lcuddling, laps, food,, belly rubs, and being combed, still runs aound like a kitten, He's more likely to lay on the steps or porch than wander off,, but is first to the door if it rains!


Sir WhinesAlot

Sir WhinesAlot

The sole under-dresser survivor;  he is petite like Mom, Amber.; I believe Amber has a missing component in her milk that stunts growth, and leaves her kittens ravenous. and small - almost mini cats What other explanation for a cat that will lick any plate clean,at least once.  He;has  decided he;s not fond of chili, but still will steal your salad greens?!
Like any kitten he';s inquisitive and gotten himself shut into a closet more than once.  His name came from a friend who was visiting when Amber was weaning him.  He's still vocal, but not (usually) in an annoying way.  He can get a little rough When playing but thats diminishing as he's learning he looses his playmates don't appreciate it.

Unless over-fed and under-exercised, I doubt he'll ever be more than 5-6 pounds
IAddenedum:   I was right he weighed in just over 6 pounds at 1 year.  Whiny passed due to starvation,- not for any lack of access to food, but his own inability to process it.  Miss you  you whiny scamp.


Recovering Ferals



rescued from a soon-to-be-demolished warehouse, he was so protective of his sisters you couldn't tell them apart in the corner of a great dane sized kennel. He spent 5 months in that kennel while we coaxed and bribed him to trust us.  After 20 months, he still will not come to a lap.  Only recently, he began coming to me for attention or play, but he still spooks easily at unexpected noise or motion.
Update:  he's graduated to  1) sleeping on the bed with us, and 2) jumping up on to the arm of my desk chair.  He still won't  get in a lap without being put there and is anxious to get down,  Sergai has however discovered that if he lays down beside you in bed, he can get all kids of scritches,.  Progress.

  Both these boys were neutered and shot through a local rescue,  I'm certain the rescue would take them, but  I am not sure either of them would adjust to moving once, much elss twice..  If, however,, either of them takes to someone, I'd certainly consider rehoming  either,
Can I get visitation rights?,


'Skitz' is short for both skittish and skitzophrenic,  I believe he is Spot's dad since he's like Spot,in dispositon, likes, build,and coat, except Stitz;s coat is raggaty.  He;ll let me brush him but i havn't tried combing him yet.

It took me 18 months to get him to gett the nerve to eat from my hand. At the same time he craved attention. so much the first time he cam indoors on his own he jumped into my lap.- then ran when I moved to pet him.  He parks between me and the keyboard daily, toloarates almost any handlng but does not want to be restrained. He will leave rather than scratch or bite. He, too, has just begun to play with us, by batting our legs with no claws as we pass,  He;s begining to come when called, know;s 'up,'  but I think he chooses to ignore 'off.'