Color Meanings:

Color: Chakra Energetic Health Magical

RED 1 empower protect blood, Fire: Protective, Endurance

root strength, courage muscle

Mars 'warrior-self'

ORANGE 2 projective tap into /Direct

navel self-worth. personal power Sun success

YELLOW 3 projective digestion, skin, Air: Intelligence, solar communication, ease nerves Communication,Beginnings, Mercury plexas support Conscious mind

GREEN 4 receptive,life, guards health, Earth: Abundance,Growth

heart balance, earth eyes, kidneys Grounding,Prosperity,

Venus fertility. Luck, $ aids conception Stability

BLUE 5 receptive, general healing, Water: Calming, Soothing,

throat receptive calm, decrease pain Inspiration, cleansing,

Neptune peace, ease sleep reduce inflammation

VIOLET 6 pureification, the head: headaches, higher /best self

3rd eye meditation concussion, depression Spirit Inspiration,

Jupiter A-HA! Moments reduce fevers, ulcers, pain

WHITE 7 receptive aides lactation, calms

Crown rest, night safety goodness Moon good fortune, luck

BLACK receptive absorbs illness darkness, banishing,

protective dizziness,

Saturn absorbs negativity stability

GREY receptive between times,


Uranus transitions

PINK receptive philos, agape,

self love, de-stress

promote joy laughter

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