Foxxyz Creationz is born

Once upon a time decades ago, I got roped into being as boy scout leader.. For those who do not know, hats are required part of one's uniform. Not too long after that Mom had the first of several (increasingly extensive)skin cancer surgeries. Living in California at the time, hats became as automatic for me as my keys or wallet.

I also was drafted to be a parent representative at the boy's schools. Their school had just instituted a dress code, including banning ball caps.. As a lunch time monitor wearing a 'cowboy-style' hat I was easily spotted. Books hit the concrete, socks were turned down below the knee, shirts tucked in and skirts suddenly grew longer. All before I got within speaking distance.

On thing about living in SoCal-- its frequently windy. If you want to keep a hat on it needs to be held down somehow. I chose hat bands. Stone and metal beads strung on leather lacing worked very well. They also doubled as necklaces. I had unintentionally, started a new hobby

This summer I began attending some local classes. As usual, I wore pieces I'd made, hatbands, necklaces, earrings., and the occasional bracelet.. One usually is a fox to help people to recall my name. All the classes had one thing in common they involved energy. Using it, recognising it, manipulating it. Regardless of what label one uses.

I had evolved a working knowledge of the stones with which I worked frequently. Now I was interacting with people who could benefit from both my knowledge and my handiwork. Making jewelry that enhanced and reinforced changes these people were making became a win- win situation. I provide a service, and in the process earn my further education.

Thus Foxxy'z Creationz came into being, to help friends reach their chosen next level of acomplishment.

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