New Buckeye Collection Added

It has been said that fans in Columbus are a bit crazy about their football. Anywhere you look around town, you can find people in Scarlet and Grey, or various shades of it, be it football, basketball or baseball season.

It seemed a logical extension of my beading to make those two colors prominent in some of my jewelry.

The stones I most commonly use in the Buckeye jewelry are African Bloodstones (also known as Hemetite), Rubies and Larkovite. All three stones are powerful protectors, much like the offensive line is protective of quarterback J.T. Barrett.

Larkovite also helps against the negativity and misfortunes of the world, apparently including Big Ten losses on the hardcourt.The Hemetite helps one ground (not intentionally of course), the Larkovite helps strengthen natural energies (including in the weight room) and the rubies help fuel the passion, not only of the players on the fields and courts, but of the fans in the stands as well.

Jasper is sometimes used as well, as he helps with those liminal times (dawn and dusk), which are often when the hard-working players are either hard at work getting ready for their sports, or actively fending off their opponents, including That Team Up North.

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